Kiprich and Assassin in action.

THE thousands of patrons attending Reggae Sumfest’s Dancehall Night at
Catherine Hall in Montego, Bay St James, on Thursday, were treated to
outstanding performances from Assassin, Lady Saw, Kiprich, Spice, and
Bounty Killer.

Spice, who had promised a jaw-dropping set, delivered, but not without incident.

(L-R) This Vbyz Kartel lookalike who
performed with Spice was quite a hit
with the fans.

The artiste, who appeared on stage in a plastic cocoon, was sent tumbling from her 13-inch stilettos, moments into her set.

“These 13-inch heels are hard to manage uno unzip me outa da ting ya,”
she chuckled, as she picked up herself and continued her show.

Dressed in a silver and white jump-suit, the saucy artiste proved to her fans she was a well-rounded entertainer.

“Mi have a surprise fi uno. Make mi go fi him. Officer uno gimmi two minutes wid him, please,” she said.

Moments later, a handcuffed Vybz Kartel look-alike appeared as the audience went into a frenzy. They performed Ramping Shop.

Lady Saw in performance at Reggae
Sumfest’s Dancehall Night at Catherine Hall
in Montego Bay, St James, on Thursday.

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is currently incarcerated on a murder rap.

Spice’s stunt had even members of the media attention as they all huddle closer to the stage for a closer look.

Displaying his lyrical prowess, Assassin — who also uses the moniker
Agent Sasco — captivated his audience during his 20-minute set.

He delivered well received tracks including Talk How Mi feel, Tek Weh Yuh Self, and Don’t make me hold you.

“Since I got my three kids, I see things differently. I am more mature.
Parenting is more difficult when I was growing up as technology has
increased. Back in the days, we used to read a lot of books but now our
kids are exposed to all type of negativity via the Internet and TV,” he
said, before reeling off the lyrics to Mi Late, Nutten At All Dem Can Do
We, Hand to Mouth and Almighty Protect Me.

Lady Saw, Queen of the Dancehall, was in a no-nonsense mood. She threw
lyrical blows at her musical rivals as well her estranged spouse.

“From mi an’ mi man mash up, dem a act like dem know what under mi
clothes,” she said before spitting the lyrics to songs like Wa Do Some
Gal, If Di Man Lef and Mr Shortcomings.

She could do no wrong with tracks Mi Beat Dat Already, Chat to Mi Back, and Two Man Mi Have.

The crowd got wilder when the entertainer requested her pair of
stilettos. Joined by her dancers, Lady Saw also invited a male patron
from the audience.

The ‘guests’ onstage put on a provocative and seductive show as Saw sang Heels On.

“This is my last Sumfest experience, as it is time for me to take a run
as the Lord is calling me. See you again when I am doing gospel music.
It is going to be great,” she said before exiting the stage.

“Lady Saw has once again proved why she is the queen of the dancehall.
However, I think that she is taking the break-up with her spouse
terribly. Naturally, she is bitter. All of this bitterness is
highlighted in her performance and I really do hope she will find her
happiness again. I know whatever genre of music she chooses she will be
well supported,” said Kandise Smith, a female patron.

Kiprich had a rib-tickling set. While performing the lyrics to Ugly So,
he invited a pint-size male onstage to dance with a large-bodied fluffy’
female. The audience was delighted.

Kippo, as he is oftentimes called, was in a clashing mood. This time his ‘rival’ was a fellow deejay.

“Officer, come here for a second,” he said. Moments later, he was joined onstage by a policeman.

Eyes were glued to the stage, the artiste and lawman traded lyrical blows at each other.

He left the stage with his fans wanting more.

Gothic artiste Tommy Lee, with fiery-red contact lens, gave what some patrons described as a frightening and ‘creepy’ set.

Although, many complained about his ‘demonic’ appearance, he was well
received by sections of the crowd who sang to Watch Dem, Psycho, and
Spartan Solider.

At the break of dawn, Bounty Killer and members of his Alliance clan
appeared and delivered a great set for headliner I-Octane, who closed
the show.

Other memorable moments came from Aidonia, I Wayne, RDX, QQ and Popcaan.

Sumfest continues with International Night II tonight.

(L-R) Aidonia shows he is up to
the task. QQ dances up a storm during
his set.

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