As news spread in the entertainment industry of Vybz Kartel’s missing case file, friends of the artiste are contending that this is
yet another ploy by law officials to extend the deejay’s stay behind

Yesterday’s trial in which Kartel is accused of killing
businessman Barrington ‘Bossy’ Burton was unable to get under way in the
Home Circuit Court as when the matter was called up the prosecution
told the court that it could not locate the document.

The trial was then rescheduled to today.

According to Gaza Slim, she is praying for Kartel’s release.

“To be honest, I don’t have much to say but I know my prayers are
not going in vain, and who God bless no man curse. I can’t wait for
this thing to be over, so that he can come a road and these delays are
out of spite to keep him locked up,” she said.

hasty resolution

The 2012 female deejay of the year is currently promoting singles Wine and Mamma.
However, she is unable to travel because of her legal problems
associated with Vybz Kartel’s incarceration. She is, therefore, hoping
for a hasty resolution to be forthcoming.

“This thing is preventing me from travelling so I want it to be
over with because it is stopping my income and I have bills to pay. But
in God I put my trust and I know it must be over one day,” Gaza Slim
told Source

Billboard chart-topping producer Elvis Redwood also believes the mysterious absence of the case file is another sham.

“They are just trying to delay the process and I hope the judge
sees through this ploy. This is being drawn out for too long, look how
much man trial start and finish already. It’s strange that they can’t
find a document of that nature, and I think this is just a move to delay
the entire process,” Redwood said.

Fashion designer and former booking agent for Vybz Kartel Moonie
was tight-lipped on the issue. He said too much games are being played.

“I don’t want to get involved because a lot of games are being
played. I am just focused on my designs right now and building the Halfa
Moon brand because it reach international since Elephant Man wore my
design on BET Awards,” he said. Moonie is expected to launch his summer
Halfa Moon clothing line in August of this year.

The police say Burton was murdered while standing with friends
along Walkers Avenue in Gregory Park, St Catherine, in July 2011. Kartel
and his co-accused were charged in October 2011.

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