Eek-A-Mouse Released After Plea Agreement

Irina Mossi Love Detective

One of Reggae music’s early pioneer and
the first artist to be referred to as a “Singjay”, Eek-A-Mouse, is soon a
free man. Eek-A-Mouse was released after his lawyer Phillip Hayes
struck a plea deal with Assistant District Attorney Lauren Arizaga.
Eek-A-Mouse whose real name is Ripton
Joseph Hylton got his felony charges reduced to two misdemeanors back
at Camden County Superior Court last week. This got

Eek-A-Mouse released
based on time already served, according to his attorney Phillip Hayes.

When Eek-A-Mouse case number came up
during the court’s calendar call, Judge Arizaga said, “That was
previously disposed of by plea.”

The plea agreement which was settled on
July 1 in Camden County Superior Court, Hylton pled “no contest” to two
misdemeanor charges – assault on a female and attempted crime against
nature. He was therefore sentenced to 75 days imprisonment for the first
offense and got credit for 75 days already spent in confinement. He got
sentenced to an additional 45 days on the second charge but again was
given credit for 45 days already served.

Despite Judge Arizaga’s ruling however, Eek-A-Mouse is still not a
free man… at least not yet. Within hours of his release Hylton was taken
into custody by U.S. Immigration officials.

Eek-A-Mouse was charged back in 2008
for forcible sexual assault, possession of schedule II cocaine,
kidnapping and possession of less than 1/2 ounce of marijuana.
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