Comedian’s Apache Chief dies!

Comedian Garnet Allen, more popularly known as Apache Chief,
one half of the comedic duo Apache Chief and Sarge, died yesterday at
the Spanish Town Hospital in St Catherine,
the news source understands.

Our news team gathered that in recent times, Allen had been in and out of hospital receiving treatment for undisclosed ailments.

A source close to the comedic duo also told the news source that one of Allen’s leg was recently amputated.

Our news team was told that Allen was making a smooth recovery as plans were in earnest to pick up and continue with his career.

Allen’s daughter, 17-year-old Shanica Allen, amid her grief, admittedly stated to the news source that she was still in shock at the news of her father’s passing.

She said, “I can’t express how I’m feeling at this moment. I’m kind of in denial.”

She continued, “To my knowledge, he was in a coma at 3 a.m. today
(yesterday) and woke up around 9 a.m. Water got into his lungs and he
couldn’t breath, which resulted in complications … and his kidney nuh
good already.”

Facebook group
Efforts by the news source to get a comment from the remaining member of the group, Sarge, proved futile.

When contacted, a female answered his phone saying, “Sarge is not
responding to anyone right now. He can’t talk. He is very distraught.”

The news of Apache Chief’s death sent fans into mourning and also
took a few by shock. Some expressed themselves on his Facebook page.

Sherine Brown wrote: “So sad to friends and family I feel your pain he was a close friend of mind may he rip.”

Marlon Fromdinthill wrote: “Omg yow, this is such a sad thing yow this is really messed up big time.”

Ann-Marie Debbie Baker wrote: “Naaaaa! use to go primary school with him, was a little troublemaker … RIP bro..”

Apache Chief and Sarge, in one of the duo’s most recent
performance at Lady Rennae’s Mek Wi Laugh Tuesdays, held at Puls8,
proved how entertaining they could be.

Apache Chief and Sarge perform on numerous comedy shows for
years, poking fun at each other and well known Jamaicans personalities.
Their routine also sometimes involved Sarge acting as multiple
personalities, one of which was that of deejay Bounty Killer.

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