BLOOD AND FIRE – Jamaica’s Political History

BBC documentary aired August 4, 2002, celebrating Jamaica’s 40th year of independence.

Jamaica celebrates 40 years of independence,
the BBC Two programme,
Blood and Fire, examines the struggles involved. Here, leading
theologian and academic Dr Robert Beckford, who presents the programme,
argues that Britain must re-examine its own role in the process.

Independence movement The programme traces the rise of the independence
movement in Jamaica in the late 1930 to full independence in 1961.
Controversially, the programme questions the political and philosophical
basis of independence through an examination of neo-colonialism. On
one level Jamaicans continued to be economically and politically
exploited by larger and more economically advanced nations as soon as
the Union flag was taken down and the green, gold and black flag of
Jamaica raised in its place. Jamaica’s history demonstrates we can’t

talk about the “end of empire” without acknowledging how the empire
lives on in a variety of benign and malignant forms.”

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