Rihanna Makes History In Front Of Sold-Out Stade de France Crowd

Rihanna made history at the weekend as she became the youngest artist
to headline at Stade de France in Paris in front of a sold-out 80,000
strong crowd.

The 25-year-old thanked her ‘fans of a lifetime’ as she continues her European leg of her Diamonds World Tour.

‘I couldn’t do this alone, I needed 80’000 people to join me!!! And
you did, so thank you for being the fans of a lifetime, we’re the ones
they’re gonna talk about decades from now!’ she boasted on her Instagram
page accompanying the message with a snap of the packed crowd.

She continued: ‘You are the phanz that other faves could only dream
to have!! I am blessed and honored and proud and humbled to be
represented by you and to represent for you!!!! It’s a Navi thing’
A spokesperson last year noted Lady Gaga ‘will be the youngest artist
ever to tread the stage at the stadium’ ahead of her then-scheduled
September 22 performance at age 26.

A list of performers at the venue within the past eight months does not reveal a headlining act younger than Rihanna.

The Pour It Up singer will continue her tour of Europe through the end of July.

She will take six weeks off before heading to Asia mid-September,
followed by Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Middle East and
North America.

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