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LETTER TO MR. BUNTING from Michael Dawson
transparency and in fairness, I will state that I am a business partner and
the co-author of Vybz Kartel’s book – Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto so my bias
is unquestionable and duly stated.
I write this open letter not in that capacity but in the capacity as a
Jamaican born of humble beginnings, exposed to the dangers of inequality and
injustice handed out to the children of poor people of Jamaica and as one who
still has a profound belief that our island will attain its true glory once
it gets rid of the type of politics that your party and the JLP have
perpetuated on the suffering people of Jamaica.

there are many issues that I would like to address, I write to ask you to
give Theresa Wilson Palmer’s son, Adidja Palmer, the right to a fair trial. I
have read reports and watched clips on social media where you have repeatedly
used Vybz Kartel’s name and music as part of your explanation of your failure
to curb crime on the island. Specifically, I have seen where you have used
the lyrics of Vybz Kartel’s song “Reparation” in your explanation
to foreign government representatives, local stakeholders and members of the
Jamaican Diaspora as a key element of your challenge in stopping what is
popularly known as “scamming.” I find that statement a bit
perplexing since “scamming” has been reported as a problem in
Jamaica since 2006, whilst the little known song “Reparation,” only
started being played in the public domain in the summer of 2012. I rather to
not insult the alma mater that we share by reminding you that art is a
reflection of life as I know art is mandatory in the first few years at
Campion but I will point out that it is not because Vybz Kartel sang about
scamming that started the practice; indeed, it is because scamming is being
practiced that the artiste had used his art to reflect an aspect of Jamaican
I will use this opportunity to address where it is reported that you were
overheard passionately telling a journalist that “Vybz Kartel a
murdera!” last month at the Signature Grand in Davie, Florida – this you
did in the capacity of Minister of National Security in front of a largely
Jamaican audience less than a week before Adidja Palmer was scheduled to
defend himself in two trials; one where the prosecution states they have no
witness to come forward and another where there is an alleged murder without
a body.
is my belief, as well as the belief of those who overheard your statement
that you as Peter Bunting have a right to your own opinion as an individual
but we think it is not fair that you in the capacity of Minister of National
Security utter such words in the public domain about a man who remains 100%
innocent until found guilty, not by you but in a Court of Law. I believe that
your frequent video clips and disparaging remarks, if continued, are sure to
deny Mr. Palmer a fair trial. The police force and other members of law
enforcement are accountable to you and I humbly ask that you refrain from
such utterings until the trials are over so as to not give the impression to
the public at large and your subordinates that the Minister of National
Security, has no regard for due process and has convicted the man before the trial
gets under way – I hastened to think that is not your intent. However, if you
continue, I think it will be very prejudicial to the jury, the case and the
public at large and a potential juror may be influenced to convict Adidja
Palmer for a song Vybz Kartel did about an aspect of Jamaican life.
you may want to comment in your next speech that this man that you are sure
is guilty has been incarcerated since September 2011 but cannot get his trial
started to either serve his sentence (based on your foregone conclusion) or
go home to his family based on his lawyer’s instructions. May I also suggest
that you used the words of another song from Vybz Kartel which I think will
be more helpful in letting the Diaspora and the world understand the main source
of crime and gang violence in Jamaica:
my music mash up society, I wasn’t around in 1980… A Election cause it, anuh
Dancehall music, and that’s how the public views it…My music is a reflection
of the broader society, without a violent society, we would not have violent
music…art is an expression of life,,,low the youths…don’t kill them.”
Mr. Bunting, please let the Courts decide if “Vybz Kartel a

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