Is Usain Bolt Past His Best?

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The performance of Jamaican sprint superstar Usain Bolt in recent weeks
has fueled speculation that he is past his best, a view also articulated
by celebrated track and field coach, Stephen Francis. The Sunday
Observer on Friday went to Maxfield Avenue in Kingston, to get the
peoples’ views on the topic.


Winston Simpson

“Him have a whole heap lef inna him, a whole heap. Di man young. Di man
can run all till him a 30/35. Him will have to give up after a time
because memba, your bones get old and weaker as you grow so him will
have to give the younger one dem a chance. I think him should resign and
keep him title and don’t bother meck dem cut him dung and meck man seh
dem come teck we the title. Just resign wid it because him cyan run dung


Patricia Wallace

“I think him still have more inna him because him a do good so far and
him young. So I think seh him have more inna him and him can go further.
Me feel proud of him as a Jamaican.”


Winston Canagie

“The man have whole heap, whole heap, whole heap more! Di man nuh young,
young man; him not even reach him prime yet. Usain just start. I think
him should just gwaan run, gwaan meck him name. Open some more brand,
maybe a clothes line and just gwaan do him ting.”


Donald Mitchell

“I think him have whole heap more in him. Why? Den yuh nuh see di man?
you nuh see how him fit? And you don’t see him come back pon the 200
(metres). So him good man, there is nothing to stop him now. And knowing
him, and seeing how him do him ting me feel anytime it come to the
bigger ones (track meets) him agguh run lef the whole field. The man
don’t reach retirement age yet. The man just ready fi run now; him just a
reach him peak now. So him cyaan stop.”


Winston Gardener

“Remember seh horse get beaten more than one time and come back and win
same way, you know. The race is not just for one horse all the while, so
him still have more inna him. Him have nuff more innah him. I wouldn’t
say that him should run himself until him done, but I want him to run a
few more race, run a next Olympics, and then resign on top form. Just
win a few more race and set some more records.”


Claudette Humphrey

“I think him have nuff more leave in him because him young. And him
alright and him ambitious. I think him should continue run until him
time come and gwaan meck some more money.”


Michael Forbes

“Usain Bolt is a intelligent person as it relates to marketing and
strategy. I think his last performances were just marketing strategies
in various different ways. The media will try to put it out of
proportion but he and his team know exactly what they are doing. Him
have a whole heap more, whole heap more yam leave innah him. Him still
young and he has been constantly training so him have nuff leave. He is a
young man him cannot be on top of him game yet.”


Rosemarie Campbell

“I don’t think Bolt has reached his peak. Him still have more inna him
and him still young, vibrant, and him still have some time. I think he
should run until him cyaan run no more. Him nuh ready fi retire yet, not
now. Him fi gwaan meck some more money.”


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