Tommy Lee – Weh You Know Bout Lyrics

Wa yuh know bout the milli 14 when it float in
Mi kill 14 wa yo know bout
AR 15 mi claath 16
Meck the nazzle start steam
Wa yo know bout

BM 16 yo hear 6 clean
The clip fix in
Wa yo know bout
The AK 47, the tek 9 and the mack 11
Wa yo know bout

(Verse 1)
Heckle and kotch that buss head
Crack like when egg hatch
Wa yo know bout
The A1 John weh meck yo head spin like a standing fan
Wa yo know bout
44 magnum, express shot gun
Head buss like drum wa yo know bout
Gico 59 if that hit yo spine
Like of to decline wa yo know bout
The Egyptian rifle weh meck yo head open like bible
Wa yo know bout
38 give yo everything, put back 2 give yo
That a mussi 8 wa yo know bout
The 45 or the intro tech weh hook you up like the internet
Wa yo know bout
1 pop weh fire one shot
That mean it no miss yo head back
Wa yo know bout
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)
Big stone buss head, crack bone
Meck bwoy knock out like phone
Wa yo know bout
Machete thing, one 28
Bwoy si mi and jump 20 gate
Wa yo know bout
Ratchet bruk inna left pocket
Eye ball jump out a socket
Wa yo know bout

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