Muscle Wine controversy

Spanish Town-based recording artiste Gangoolie, is alleging that
his song Muscle Wine was copied by at least three different dancehall
artistes. Among the list is TOK, QQ and Demarco.

According to the deejay, his fellow artistes are attempting
to use his ideas to make similar songs, which can be detrimental to his
career since he is already promoting his song.

“QQ, Demarco and TOK tried to make versions of the Muscle Wine.
Mi nuh have no problem with that but ah me first do the song seven
months ago, and put it out there. Dem need fi show respect and tell
people where it ah come from,” he said.

The artiste says he is personally upset with TOK, because they
literally remade his song, using his melody. “Imitation is the best form
of flattery so ah just so it go. But mi nuh like how TOK sing back mi
song the same way, same melody, same words. Dem nah show no creativity,”
he said.

Muscle Wine peaked at number two on the FIWI Choice Top
Ten charts, and has become a favourite on selectors’ playlists.
Gangoolie believes this success is what has lead to the issues.

The artiste further said that the dance move now promoted by QQ
as the One Drop, was also his 2012 idea which he called the Trapsetta.

“Mr Vegas,
and QQ ah do Trapsetta too. Mi nuh have no problem with Mr Vegas but QQ
fi call the dance the right name. Him ah tek Trapsetta and a call it
One Drop and that no right. Him nah gi the people dem who originate it
no props, everywhere mi go the fans dem ah say wah dat. Why QQ ah try
rush music or is a hit song him a run down?” he said.

Gangoolie says the Trapsetta dance was created by Portmore-based
dancers SWA Twins. “I made sure to buss the females who come with Muscle Wine, mi call up eight females name inna the song and dem buss one time.. Dem a get bookings and everything,” he said.

TOK member Flexxx says their song is different. “His song name Muscle Wine and ours name Walk and Broad Out. We mentioned Muscle Wine, but at the same time wi neva know sey a him mek Muscle Wine.
Mi think a did some girl,” he laughed. “At the end of the day we nuh
know wey di dance come from. Wi just see di girls dem a duh the move and
wi vibe it in the studio. We respect the dancers and the females who
made the dance and if we were aware of who made it, we would have given
the credit. But if it’s a situation wey him a sey wi thief him song,
nothing like that.”

QQ also cleared the air stating that he did not rename the
Trapsetta. “I wasn’t aware of it until last week. I went to a party and
saw some girls and they told me. I simply went to a party and some girls
were doing a dance move and I liked it. I asked them the name of the
dance, and they said it was called the One Drop and so I made a song
about it,” QQ said. “I would never try to undermine another artiste. Him
(Gangoolie) career is taking off. So he just needs to capitalise on
that and stop try create animosity, because I am not that type of
artiste. Furthermore he is not a female, so he did not create a dance.”

Gangoolie, a protégé of deejay Bounty Killer, became popular in 2005 when he was using the name Hitlist and recorded the single Please Stop The Killing.

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