I’m not dating Alaine … says Flippa Moggla


 Dancehall artiste Flippa Moggla, has denied rumours that he is dating fellow dancehall/reggae artiste Alaine.

The rumour started circulating on websites since the two artistes made an appearance in Bugle’s Nuh Compatible music video, in which Alaine, who is now an actress, played the role of Flippa’s girlfriend.

“It’s just because of the cameo in the music video for Bugle.
People just see it and jump to conclusion. When it comes on to Flippa
dem just love sey things. As dem waah talk, a my name dem call,” Flippa
Moggla said.

In the music video, Flippa Moggla is seen flaunting his money in a clothing store, while purchasing
clothes for Alaine who picks up just about anything she wants. However,
Flippa says he was being in her presence for the first time.

A di closest mi ever guh to
Alaine, mi nuh know har. But a suh it guh; when yu hot people talk bout
yu, suh a must because me hot and Alaine hot,” Flippa said.

The artiste is gearing up to release his dancehall rhythm called
the Moggla Rhythm. The rhythm will feature the likes of Assassin,
Mavado, Popcaan, Aidonia, Voicemail and Flippa Moggla, among other
dancehall acts.

The self-proclaimed flossing king is also making preparations for
performances at Sumfest, Manchester Fiesta as well as an up and coming
England tour.

Flippa Moggla also hosts a weekly event in Club Privilege, New Kingston, called Moggla Sundays.

“A the hottest party a road right now. Sunday night we did
something special for the mothers and every week people can look forward
to a different type of vibe,” Flippa Moggla said.


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