BBC 1Xtra DJ Seani B to produce reggae/dancehall music – Says he is hooked on it

Seani B

British Broadcasting
Corporation (BBC) disc jockey Seani B is dabbling in dancehall and
reggae production. The popular DJ, who also goes by the moniker The
Remix Kid, says he got hooked on reggae and dancehall music through
socialisation with Jamaicans residing in England.

The DJ and producer has worked with several Jamaican and
foreign acts during his 15-year professional career. He also produced
remixes for some of the biggest names in the international music arena,
like Lauryn Hill and Destiny’s Child.

However, he believes Jamaican artistes are right on top with all
foreign acts in talent and potential to deliver world-class hits.
According to Seani B, Jamaican artistes are good commuters.

“Artistes are artistes and will always be artistes. But, I am
very fortunate to say that those I have worked with are professional
people and always make my life easy, despite working with them from so
many miles away. Even if I’m not in the studio, they take good direction
from me and allow me to still produce them with ideas and take my
criticism on board,” he said.

The BBC DJ disclosed that his appreciation for the Jamaican music
art form started from the vinyl era, influenced by iconic selector
David Rodigan and Tony Matterhorn.

“I’ve always worked in record shops since I was a teenager,
meeting some very influential people in the game. The natural
progression as a DJ was to become a producer and a majority of my links
were Jamaicans. To do dancehall was a natural move. I didn’t choose
dancehall music, dancehall music chose me,” he said.

Seani B started his own record label, Big League Productions, in
2002 and has recorded some notable Jamaican performers. Among them are
T.O.K, Tony Matterhorn, Ce’Cile, Bling Dawg and Anthony B. He has also
helped bring up-and-coming talents like Melloquence, Sanjay and Tiana to
the international market, via his programme on BBC’s 1Xtra. He has
presented Jamaican content, as well as music from other countries, on
the programme for over 10 years.

musical talents

Seani B recently released a dancehall riddim titled the Run
Round. It features several of Jamaica’s musical talents, along with
foreign acts, and the DJ/producer thinks his project has a bright

“The feedback so far has been great. Each artiste has owned the
rhythm in their own right and this has reflected in the comments that
we’ve got. The line-up is a strong mix of current Jamaican acts,
upcoming acts and international artistes,” he said.

According to Seani B, the advantage of producing both local and
international artistes on one rhythm is that the global appeal will be
boosted. He revealed that his formula is already working, because the
Run Round rhythm is already being featured on several international mix

The DJ/producer is also promoting his crop of UK artistes and
writers, whom he calls the UK Big League Team. It comprises Zagu Zarr,
Karen Layne and Anntoinette.

He has a very high opinion of Jamaican artistes. “I think
Jamaican talents should know what they think about themselves. If I
didn’t think Jamaica was full of talented artistes I wouldn’t bother
recording them. Neither would other producers like Major Lazer, Dre
Skull and other international producers. We tap into the Jamaican
artistry because there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world. If you
are a producer reading this and haven’t recorded in Jamaica, then you
haven’t lived,” Seani B said.

He also advises young Jamaican artistes to make authentic
reggae/dancehall music because icons are still touring the world on the
strength of their old school music. “Just keep making that ‘no problem’
vibe,” he recommended.

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