Artistes Diss Night Noise Meeting Says Selector

ratings, zoning and an entertainment registry are some of the
suggestions to quell concerns about the Night Noise Abatement Act.
system owners, promoters and other members of the entertainment
fraternity made some progress in their quest to tackle the night noise.
On Wednesday, members of the entertainment industry, representatives of
the security ministry, parish council and the minister of tourism and
entertainment Damian Crawford had a consultation meeting in a bid to
find solutions.
Selector Ricky Trooper who spearheaded the first meeting dubbed Save The Dancehall Movement,
says the gathering with government officials was very productive.
Trooper was speaking during the Entertainment Buzz Wednesday (15.05.13).

Selector Ricky Trooper also blasted entertainers for snubbing
the meeting. According to Trooper, the entertainers are not supportive
of the Save The Dancehall Movement.

Sound system owners, selectors, and other players in the
entertainment industry organized a meeting after the lawmen announced
that they will put an end to all street dances operating without a
permit and that the night noise abatement act will be thoroughly
Members of the Save The Dancehall Movement are expected to meet on Sunday, May 26.

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