Is Bugle’s “Nuh Compatible” For His Baby-Mama Raine Seville?

Since the release of Bugle’s hot new singleNuh Compatible”, people have been speculating if the track was done for the singer’s baby-mama Raine Seville.
The speculations started after raunchy promotional pics of Raine and Konshens hit the internet.
In the track, Bugle spit the lines “it nuh mekk sense mi try we nuh comfortable and to how mi see tings we nuh compatible” sparking talks that the song was done
for Raine Seville? Bugle who didn’t confirm or deny the speculations,
left it open for fans to draw their own conclusion base on their
perception and understanding of his lyrics.

So how was the idea for the song born?

On Saturday, Bugle shot the video for “Nuh Compatible”
directed by famed video director Jay Will, in and around the capital
city. The singjay says fans will see the finish product in coming weeks.
Bugle is leaving the island this weekend for a show in Florida.

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