Rohan Marley exits another relationship

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Rohan Marley is again living the life of a bachelor after breaking off his engagement to Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana.

The reggae royalty-former American football
player-entrepreneur was previously in a relationship with R&B singer
Lauryn Hill, with whom he had five children.

In a recent interview with the international Open Magazine, Marley stated that he still had unresolved feelings for Lauryn Hill.

“I feel sad that I loved her so much and I faltered in expressing
it to her somehow. It was my fault that she did not understand how I
felt, and it was sad that we did not work out in that relationship
sense. I was heartbroken for a long time,” he said.

As it relates to his failed engagement to Brazilian model Isabeli
Fontana, the outspoken Marley said he was spending some time alone at
this point in his life.

“Now, I am just engaged to myself. It is tough, but we are not to
ask ourselves, ‘Could you be loved?’ but to say, ‘Yes, I am loved,” he

Unlike his brothers, Marley chose to stay away from the
microphone. Instead, he took a business approach to the music industry,
assisting to transform the Bob Marley brand into an internationally
accepted product.

Marley is currently the chairman of House of Marley, Marley
Beverages, Marley Coffee, 1Love.org, and the Tuff Gong Clothing Company,
among other enterprises.

“I am keeping my father’s legacy and ambitions alive, of natural
and sustainable ideas, of giving back, of sharing, and of making the
world a better place – all the values of a true Rastafarian. I am just a
vehicle for carrying on what my father started. He was the first
entrepreneur. He ran a recording studio in the backyard, a press implant
for pressing vinyls, a record shop, and he made T-shirts. So I am proud
to do this. I don’t just enjoy it, I fulljoy it,” Rohan told Open Magazine.
Marley was recently recognised at the prestigious Grammy Awards
ceremony held in the United States. A scene in the 2007 blockbuster film
I Am Legend was also dedicated to the late reggae icon. It was narrated by award-winning actor Will Smith.

Marley was only nine years old when his father passed on at age 36.

Singer Lauryn Hill (left) and Rohan Marley back in the days when they were an item. – File 


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