Promoter Pulls The Plug On “Follow Di Arrow” But Lady G And Vegas Left Disrespected

The 2013 staging FOLLOW DI ARROW was plagued by lengthy delays due to on and off rainfall, which may have contributed to the poor support.

those who braved the conditions were treated to excellent performances.
Many of the entertainers upheld the promoters theme and kept their
performances clean.
Freddie McGregor and George Nooks delivered.
Wickerman and Nitty Kutchie, Major Mackerel and Louie Culture were also
good. Other great performances came from Coco Tea, I-Octane, Bounty
Killa, Sizzla and Lady Saw.

The duo, Captain Barkey and Wickerman
got an award for their outstanding contribution to the music industry.
Wickerman collected the award on behalf of his music partner and friend
who was murdered last year. Bounty Killa was also awarded by the
promoter for his contribution.

while some patrons enjoyed what was happening on stage, others were
treated to a different vibe as backstage had a series of unfortunate
incidents all of which is said to have involved the promoter.

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According to Lady G who was billed for the event but did not get to perform, FOLLOW THE ARROW promoter Dexton Ennis failed to observe his own theme to “level the vibes”, keep it clean, no expletives or discrimination.

G tells Music News that she was disrespected by the promoter in the
presence of her colleagues, patrons, friends and media personalities.

to Lady G, promoter Dexton Ennis got hostile toward her and told her a
string of expletives following her request to be paid before her

Mr. Vegas is also speaking out about his displeasure. Like
Lady G, Vegas who was billed for the event did not perform. Mr. Vegas

Elephant Man who was present at the venue did not perform. Meanwhile, numerous efforts to get a comment from Ele proved futile.

promoter Dexton Ennis has decided to put an end of Follow Di Arrow.
Ennis who has been keeping the event for the past 13 years explain his
reasons for pulling the plug.

Follow Di Arrow ended some minutes after 7 Sunday morning after the lawmen intervened.

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