Did Popcaan diss Chronixx?

  Chronixx, Popcaan

With the recent release of Popcaan’s latest single titled Killa
From Mi Born on the Milla 9 imprint, persons have begun speculating that
a section of the song is a subliminal diss to fast-rising star

During the introduction of his song, Popcaan deejays:

“Not nice last time mi check ‘Courage’ mean brave/Yow miller
chu some … hear man seh di party buck dem tink seh we party nuff / Not
even Selassie or Jesus cyah save dem when di … 40 buss / Bwoy drop pon di grung and cyah git up….”

Many are alleging that this is a retaliation at Chronixx due, in part, to utterances he made in the now popular Odd Ras song with the lines, “mi nah sing bout nuh party buck and mi nuh show mi underpants fi buss.”
When contacted, Chronixx’s manager Zion told source that while they have not heard Popcaan’s latest song, Odd Ras was not aimed at the artiste.

general concern

“It was not aimed at anybody, it was just a

general concern. Chronixx is not trying to tell anybody how to live
their lives, it’s just his opinion and it was not aimed at anybody.”

In the song, Popcaan also takes a lyrical shot at his nemesis
Black Ryno. The two were involved in a physical altercation at the 2012
staging of Sting, which resulted in Ryno being pushed off stage.

Efforts to contact Popcaan for a comment were,

however, unsuccessful.


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