BUSY SIGNAL, MANAGER SPLIT – Shane Brown Say No Bad Blood Between Them

Busy Signal

Embattled dancehall/reggae artiste Glendale Gordon, more
popularly known as Busy Signal, has parted ways with his longstanding
manager Shane Brown, record producer and CEO of Juke Boxx Records, SOURCE understands.

According to Busy Signal, the break-up is not because of a fallout or any bad blood between the two.

He told SOURCE, “Yeah, we parting ways in terms of
management, and I just want it to be clear that we nuh have no bad
vibes. Shane has been excellent over the years, we a link from since
about 2007.”

Busy Signal told our news team that he intends to have greater control over his career while moving on.

He said, “I ain’t getting no younger. I just want things to be
done differently, doing things myself, just more control over the career
ya now, where it’s at and where it’s going … no more management, so
we basically part ways and do what we have to … Personally, mi just
want control my life and career, that’s just being ambitious if
you ask me.”

Busy explained that there was never a contract, and so he did not opt for one, nor had it expired.

He said, “There was never a contract – it has always been a verbal agreement between me and Shane, you know big man to big man and out of respect.”

Busy expressed that the news may come as a surprise to many, and he just wants his intentions to be known.

“Me and my family
sat down and talk it through – I spoke to Shane and we went through
it, and we decided to take it to the public – so from now whoever ago
book shows fi me books shows fi mi, me and Shane still good – a just my
decision, no hard feelings, no preements, just look at it as me rolling
out my entreprenural side.”

When Busy was asked if the fact that Shane Brown/Jukee Boxx had
recently acquired Romain Virgo on its bill had influenced his decision
to leave camp, he said, “No, Romain a like mi likkle brother. We have a
show all last night a Westmoreland – it’s all about my family and my new
team, Romain has nothing to do with my decision. We are like brothers,
him all born January 24th just like me.”

Shane Brown

When SOURCE contacted Shane Brown about the matter, his first response was a question.

Shane said, “Who you heard that from?” Well, it’s true, the
artiste just decided that he and his brothers will take over from where
his career is right now, moving forward. The company (Juke Boxx) will
only do his bookings. His family will do the management.”

SOURCE understands that Busy Signal’s brothers will take
over management duties while they are planning to relocate to Jamaica
from Connecticut, USA.

According to Brown, the artiste made a decision and there is no bad blood.

He told SOURCE, “The news was shocking to me. However,
at the end of the day, a man is still a man and a man has a right to
decide his own destiny. I spoke to him an hour ago. We will speak
tomorrow, and the day after that as well.”

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