Snoop Lion NOT Beaten By Rastas

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Allegations that Snoop Lion was mobbed by Rastas at Bobo Hill are SO FALSE!!!
internet was in a frenzy following fake reports on several websites
that Snoop Lion was beaten by rastas for making an insulting comment and
was subsequently hospitalized at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).
The rumour also suggested that Snoop Lion was accompanied to Bobo Hill
by PopCaan.
Snoop Lion is
still in the United States and was at his Reincarnated movie screening
last night in Los Angeles at the Harmony Gold Theater on Sunset
Toots Hibbert was also in attendance at Snoop’s movie
premier and will do a collab with the rapper on the True Love 2, one of
the albums being produced by Toots.
And as for PopCaan, Poppi is
not on the island, as he’s in Trinidad for a show! So the big question
is; why are people spreading rumors about Snoop and Rastas, are they
trying to bring disunity and make rastas look violent and disorganized?

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