Jamaican Flag Destroyed In German Ad

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Jamaica is again featured in another international video, but this
time it’s more of an upsetting nature, as this time the Jamaican Flag
was burnt and trampled upon.

The video which seems to be drawing
attention to the need for better technology is released in both German
and English on the Internet.

It shows two young white men in a
coffee shop. While making coffee, the men unintentionally start a fire
that set ablaze a Jamaican flag hanging in the shop.

Barrington Levy’s song Murderer as the soundtrack, one of the men then
carried the burning Jamaican flag outside and threw it on the sidewalk
and began stomping on it a bid to quell the blaze.

Another man
rushes from the street to assist with putting out the blaze but their
actions were caught on tape and later released across the world on
television stations sparking a massive protest with Rastafarians, and
other demonstrators waving flags and posters with messages of “we love

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At the end of the video, the message displayed on the screen in the German tongue says the world needs better technology.

So was Jamaica strategically selected because we’re a third world country?

Bilinguist and CEO of Tourwise, Monica Mateland Walker, speaks to Music News about the implications of the video.

The video is produced by Saturn Sports Bar Company.
Barrington Levy said they got the permission to use his song however he’s outraged at the disrespect with which they treat the Jamaican flag.

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