Flippa Moggela releases Raw Cash rhythm

Dancehall artiste Flippa Moggela has put on his producer’s hat
with his latest project, the Raw Cash rhythm, which has been released on
his Flip Money Records label.

Dancehall superstar Mavado leads out the rhythm with his catchy Million Dollar Man,
where he uses his sweet and compelling tone to great effect. This song
is already a huge hit in dances islandwide, scoring numerous forwards
whenever it is played.

The high-riding I-Octane delivers the uptempo Mad Dem
where he declares “we put Jah over everything, so we nah go mad over
anyting”, while DJ Liquid finds a solid hook on the party-happy Wine Baby.
DJ Liquid changes up his delivery to a more nasal one on the second
verse where he sounds like he is doing his best Vybz Kartel

Assassin lowers the boom on Don’t Violate, a stern warning
where he shows off his lyrical dexterity with complex rhymes and a
rapid spit-fire delivery that underlines why he is one of the best
deejays of his generation.

Flippa Moggela shows off his sense of humour on Hear Mi Hear where
he boasts that “mi money no have no limit and mi nah beg no friend”. He
addresses all his haters who hurl insults at him as ‘informer’, but
declares that “mi hear but mi no hear”.

Andrew ‘Flippa Moggela’ Davis is the executive producer of the
project and he is pleased with the success of the rhythm which will
firmly establish Flip Money Records as one of the top independent record
labels in Jamaica.

“The Raw Cash is a big success, some people have been
calling to offer a couple non-exclusive deals already, so it’s a great
look. I am already working on my next rhythm. Stephen McGregor builds
the Raw Cash, and the next rhythm has already been built by Suku
from Ward 21, so the fans can look out for the next project by Flip
Money Records,” he said.

Flippa grew up in Waterhouse, St Andrew, and attended Norman Manley High School in Kingston. Some of his better-known songs are Unfinished House, Star Ah Star and the aforementioned, Hear Mi Hear. Now Flippa is turning his creative attention towards music production and event planning.

He hopes to revolutionise how dancehall rhythms are marketed and
promoted locally by adopting a novel approach of limiting the number of
artistes who voice on his rhythms.

“Mi nah do no more rhythm with 10 or more artistes because it
makes no sense. Mi no really waan no artiste pree me for it, cause ah
just so the ting work, because after the hype boil down, ah just three
or four songs ah go play anyway. When you do five songs on the rhythm,
the production has a more exclusive feel and it is limited, and the
promotion easier on the sound man or disc jockey. Mi nuh waan pressure
no man, we have to try work together so the music can move forward,”
Flippa said.

He is also venturing into the arena of events planning to
conceptualise a new event called ‘Moggeling Sundays’ starting February
24 at Club Privilege. The event will be sponsored by Flip Money Records.

“The event is going to be amazing, the place to be on a Sunday
night, with ladies free, while the men pay $1,000 at the gate. I will
give a bottle of champagne to the hottest crew of girls every Sunday,
just check it out,” Flippa said.

( L – R ) I-Octane, Mavado, ZJ Liquid 


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