Brick & Lace Disbands

It started as a trio, then morphed to a duo. Now, sister-group Brick
& Lace, comprising Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne, are again in

Nyanda Thorbourne is stepping away to pursue a solo career.
“I am both terrified and excited at the same time,” she told the Jamaica Observer from her Florida base.
“After being one half of a group for so long, the time has come for me
to find myself as a whole… to stand on my own two feet, and I am
feeling the pressure. I try not to think about it too much so I am just
concentrating on the music,” Thorbourne said.
She spoke candidly about tensions which arose from creative differences
and the vision each sister had for the group. But Thorbourne was quick
to point out she is not averse to a reunion.
“It was just time. There was always a lot of tension and a wanting to
explore and do different things. So we both felt this was something we
needed to do at this time,” she said.
“There was always the feeling that we had to compromise. If I wanted
more of a dancehall feel for a song and she wanted more R&B; if a
video should look this way and even on a photo shoot, who preferred
which shot and angle,” she said.
She stated that their competitive nature may have gotten in the way.
“Sibling rivalry may have become part of it, but the love is still
there. I really just wanted to spread my wings, just wanted to fly and
couldn’t help but feel like there was a brick on my foot holding me
down,” Thorbourne said.
This led to her to just “breeze out, do me and whatever makes me happy.”
‘Doing me’ includes a cover of Taylor Swift’s Trouble, produced by The
Chemist of the Black Lion Music Group. She said the song debuted at
number 38 on the UK’s Music Week Urban chart.
“I am working on more stuff right now including collaborations with
deejays Bling Dawg and Assassin (Agent Sasco) as well as tracks produced
by The Wizzard. I can’t wait to get back to Jamaica and do some stuff.
Jamaica gives me the edge I need.”
Formed over a decade ago, Brick & Lace initially consisted of
Nyanda, Nailah and Tasha Thorbourne. Tasha left the group, but continued
as a co-writer.
The sisters recorded an album — Love Is Wicked — for American hip-hop
artiste/songwriter Akon on his Kon Live Distribution label in 2007.
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