Big Wayne, Sadiki face off over slang

( l – r ) Sadiki, Big Wayne

Slang intro man/artiste Big Wayne and fellow slang
artiste/dancer Sadiki were involved in an altercation at a recent Weddy
Weddy dance.

According to Big Wayne, Sadiki became upset after he
counteracted a new slang which is being promoted by Sadiki, which he
(Big Wayne) regards as “rubbish”.

“Him have a slang wey him a sey the music game zero. And mi sey
is mind game dem a play, the game cyah zero, because yu have nuff
artiste wey show that the game cyah zero. Puffy neva zero the game,
Jay-Z neva zero the game,” Big Wayne said.

The artiste believes Sadiki was being disrespectful to the artistes who contributed to Jamaica’s musical accomplishments.

“Sean Paul and Shaggy sold a lot of records and put reggae on the
map, suh the game cyah zero. People have to just continue and duh good
music. If the game did zero, people like Bob Marley wouldn’t have his
children continuing reggae’s legacy,” Big Wayne continued.

“Sadiki was talking rubbish, and people who mek slangs must be
careful wey dem a sey, because they will tell the people rubbish. A just
mind game dem a play wid people,” he said.

grab the mic

Big Wayne disclosed that the situation escalated at Weddy Weddy when he was approached by Sadiki during his performance.

“We had an altercation because him a come grab the mic at Weddy
Weddy. Mi tell him sey him nuh fi come grab nuh mic because that is not
what I am about. Don’t come gwaan like yu waah start nuh fight. Mi just
want di people dem know sey mi different from Sadiki. Mi a artiste,
Sadiki nuh have nuh song,” he said.

Big Wayne believes he has the potential to reap a similar success
to veteran slang artiste Fuzzy Jones, who recently sold millions
courtesy of a Kanye West sample in the song Mercy.

“I have a unique, exceptional voice and mi nuh wah people build
up nuh negative vibes wid him because mi and him a nuh size. A Twin of
Twins give mi fame, a nuh dem,” Big Wayne said.

Big Wayne recently released a single and video with female dancehall artiste Bridgez called Take Your Time, which is getting rotation on international radio station Hot 97. He is also gearing up for the release of Twin of Twins’ Stir it Up Volume 10 album on which he is also featured.

According to Sadiki, “Me and him nuh have beef, and mi a guh
continue use mi slang. If him nuh like it, a him alone nuh like it …
the world like it. Big up mi fans dem. If him wah have beef him have
beef, mi nuh inna nuh beef wid him. Queng and all a dem style deh a fi
mi. Mi sey million-dollar man inna Mavado song and Rick Ross and the
rest of the world a say it, so mi a guh places.”

Dancehall slang intro men have been a part of the music industry for many years.

However, within the last five years, a new generation of intro
men have resurfaced in the dancehall space, among them, the likes of
Quick Cook, Chi Ching Ching, Big Wayne and Sadiki. The intro element of
dancehall is said to be just as competitive as the music itself.

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