Snoop Lion under fire

REGGAE legend Bunny Wailer is not impressed by rapper Snoop Lion’s (formerly Snoop Dogg) recent conversion to Rastafari.
Wailer is quoted by celebrity website as accusing Snoop of
engaging in “outright fraudulent use of (the) Rastafari community’s
personalities and symbolism” — and has failed to meet “contractual,
moral and verbal commitments” from Reincarnation, Snoop’s docu-mentary
looking at his conversion.

The weed-loving rapper is also under fire from the Rastafari Millennium
Council, which issued a seven-page letter to Snoop, claiming in part,
that “smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what
defines the Rastafari Indigenous culture!”
According to, the group wants Snoop to stop using the name
‘Lion’ and pay the “financial and moral support” they claim he promised
The report did not say what promises Snoop had made both parties.
Snoop Dogg told reporters in the United States that he converted to the
Rastafarian faith after befriending a group of elders during a visit to
Jamaica last year.
He has since recorded a number of reggae songs including La La La, a minor hit in the US.
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