RDX accused of stealing ‘Kotch’ song

 Princz Charmin

yndicate Records and their recording artiste Princz Charmin are
accusing dancehall duo RDX of stealing the concept of their single
‘Kotch It Deh Soh’.

According to the label, RDX heard the preview of their song and copied both the instrumental and concept without their consent.

Princz Charmin disclosed that RDX’s single even has a similar name to his.

He explained, “Dem come up with a song called Kotch and
build a rhythm similar, only changing a few phrases. Syndicate Records
had sent the rhythm to RDX through Cashflow and wi nuh get nuh reply
from dem. I recorded my song and I placed the studio preview on YouTube
to gwaan circulate, then suddenly RDX come with a song name Kotch.”

“Mi a sey this look a way because all along mi neva hear nobody a talk bout Kotch,
suh how all of a sudden as mi sing bout ‘Kotch’ mi hear somebody wid
it? Then mi realise that similarity in the rhythm, so dem knock over the
rhythm and duh fi dem song,” the Syndicate recording artiste said.

Princz Charmin also released a YouTube video accusing RDX of piracy.

“I did a YouTube video, where Princz Charmin speaks his mind, it is entitled RDX Dem A Piebate.
It set a way fi see a youth a duh him thing, and a man run een pon it.
When dem hear certain things dem fi leave it alone, every youth fi get a
slice a di cake. Dat wey dem a duh a foolishness and it nuh fair,” he

Cashflow Records is credited as being the producer of RDX’s single Kotch, however, producer/selector DJ Neil says he is unaware that there is a brewing controversy between the artistes.

“This is something new to me, I don’t know this young artiste and
this label. They would have to take it up with RDX because this has
nothing to do with Cashflow,” DJ Neil said.

The STAR contacted Renegade of RDX, but he was reluctant
to say much on the matter citing that he knows nothing about Princz
Charmin’s song.

“Mi nuh know nuhbody and mi nuh know nothing bout nuh song, mi
just duh mi song, mi nuh have nuh more comment bout nothing,” Renegade

Kotch It Deh Soh is already released in St Lucia and will
be digitally distributed by Johnny Wonder’s 21st Hapilos ITunes today.
The single was produced by Neko and Karim of Syndicate Records.

They are recognised for their production of the single Summertime featuring Bounty Killer and Patexx.

RDX recently released a music video for their single Waterfalls which is already receiving rotation on local cable stations.



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