Chris Martin’s Cheater’s Prayer remixed by Jim Jones

( L – R ) Christopher Martin, Rapper Jim Jones – File photos

American rapper Jim Jones has done a remix to reggae artiste Chris Martin’s hit single Cheater’s Prayer.

The song is called Mary’s Prayer and was recorded
without Chris Martin’s consent. The rapper has even gone as far as to
release a music video rapping to the reggae instrumental, using Chris
Martin’s voice on the hook.

According to Chris Martin’s manager, Lydon Lettman, Jim Jones
made an attempt to contact Martin’s team. However, the artiste was off
the island.

“Jim Jones tried to make contact with us but because of the
travelling, we never got a chance to speak. So, apparently he got
impatient and put out the remix on his own. But anything that will help
to break the song in the overseas market is welcomed. I would have
preferred if it was done on a more professional platform though,”
Lettman said.

A reggae song breaking into the hip-hop market is a slap in the
face of those who subscribe to the hyper dancehall genre over reggae
music. However, Lettman says he is not phased by local hype.

“This just goes to show that the market is big and obviously the
song is big world-wide, which is why Jim Jones decided to do a remix. So
I am waiting to see where this will go. We are out in the US market and
not just in the Tri-state area. So you never know who will hear your
music and gravitate towards it,” Lettman said.

He also remains optimistic that communication with Jim Jones’ team will improve.

“It’s still early and we are going to try and reach out to him
and see what can be resolved. Perhaps we can even push to get a better
video done or even improve the current material,” he said.

Chris Martin recently returned from Dubai, where he spent New Year’s Eve performing to reggae lovers.

Jim Jones is CEO of international record label Diplomat Records’ and has made several Billboard charted singles including We Fly High.

The original Cheater’s Prayer currently has over 1 million views on

CLICK TO VIEW Jim Jones – Mary’s Prayer [Reggae ReVamp] HD 

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