Man sells drugs on bb

The peddling of drugs in the Jamaican market is now being done on social media.

THE STAR spoke with a young man who confessed to using this medium as a means of advertising and selling his wares.

Nineteen-year-old Michael Brownfrom a Cherry Gardens address told THE STAR
that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is his preferred tool for conducting
business, because of the wide range of people who have access to the
social tool.

Brown, who is the holder of a tertiary degree, said he started
selling the drugs via BBM over a year ago because “I want to make money
and make enough to open a store.”

The items that were being advertised include: penis enlargement
pills, buttocks enlargement pills, vagina tightening cream and vagina
fattening pills. In addition, he also peddles bleaching creams, wrap and
injections, remembrance or brain pills, energy pills, among a host of
others along with the party drug Ecstasy. He, however,
refuted selling Ecstasy and ‘other freaky pills’.


According to Brown, some of his best-sellers include: “penis
enlargement pills which range from $6,000-$8,000, depending on the
brand; skin-bleaching agents where prices are dependent on the product,
along with hip and breast enlargement pills.” He was quick to add that
“bleaching injections and certain types of bleaching pills are only
reserved for celebrities.”

“Because they are so expensive (bleaching injections cost $80,000
and bleaching pills cost $20,000) only certain types of people can
afford fi buy dem, so I cater mainly to celebrities in the dancehall,
males and females.”

He continued “My biggest clients are females, well obviously
because most of what I sell are female-based and they range from ages 17
to 24.”

When THE STAR asked if he wasn’t afraid of being accosted
by the police, Brown, in a hushed tone said “I am not afraid of the
police. First of all, I don’t sell drugs; I sell pills and they are not
illegal. If they were illegal, I wouldn’t get them when I go to collect
them from the wharf.”

But prominent medical doctor Jephthah Ford while speaking with THE STAR said, “He (Brown) is committing an illegal act and the Pharmacy Council will take action.”

According to Dr Ford, “Every pill that is imported to the island
has to gain permission from the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica which is
guided by a standards committee,” he continued, “The drugs may have gone
unnoticed at the wharf by persons working there, but it is still

When THE STAR asked Brown about the possible health
implications of these drugs to persons, he stated, “If they weren’t
working and were harmful, then people wouldn’t be buying them.”

Name change. 

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