Macka Diamond willing to pay Spice for clash

Irina Mossi Love Detective

With both artistes saying
they won’t clash at Sting unless they are being paid big bucks, artiste
Macka Diamond says she is willing to pay Spice to clash her at her
upcoming birthday party.

Macka Diamond told THE STAR that she believes that Spice is confused about the clash.

“She go pon OnStage and say she will clash me fi free, now
she a say she want dem pay her for the clash. Unuh nuh see say she
confused,” Macka said.

She went on to say that she is willing to clash Spice at her party on January 12 at Waves Beach in Portmore.

“Mi ready fi di clash. Since Spice a behave like she high and
mighty, tell her fi come clash me. Mi nuh fraid a her, she nuh inna my
class. Mi nah back from nutten,” Macka warned.

She added, “Dem can call me anyting dem want, but mi willing fi
clash her so she fi mind wha she a chat say cause mi nuh frighten. Dem
say me a old woman, so mi a rub up wid mi ointment and tie up mi false
teeth inna mi mouth, so it nuh drop out! Mi ready fi her,” Macka told THE STAR
When contacted, a member of Spice’s team said the artiste had no comment on the issue.


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