Konshens makes Sting return

There was no mention of a clash between Ninja Man and L.A. Lewis, but
yesterday, organisers of Sting confirmed that singjay Konshens has been
added to its line-up.

In a release last night, the promoters, Supreme Promotions, said
the artiste was added to the line-up following the completion of
negotiations. In the release, Konshens affirmed his support for the
yearly one-night show.

“Initially, Sting was a show I looked forward to watching, not so
much to be a part of, though the hardcore dancehall is healthy for the
culture. This new turn weh dem a try to mek to give the show a facelift,
I’m happy to be a part of it. Sting a Jamaica show fi di grass-roots
people dem, so I am happy to be able to perform fi dem,” he said.

Konshens had previously been booked for the event in 2008,but due to various reasons he wasn’t able to complete his performance.

“I was at Sting 2008 only as a young artiste, coming off a
European tour the day of the show, and di band say dem nah rehearse wid
mi team if I’m not present. Mix that with the biggest and roughest
dancehall crowd in the world and see wah yuh get. Mi escape the boos
still,” Konshens said jokingly.

It has been a good year for the dancehall star. He scored
multiple hits and topped the charts repeatedly, along with MIA
nominations, among other awards.

Konshens also appeared on the popular United States-based television show America’s Next Top Model.

The release said fans could expect top-notch entertainment from
Konshens, with the same energy and enthusiasm of his memorable Reggae
Sumfest performance.


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