No longer friends – Macka, Lady Saw at odds

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond says she has drawn a line in her friendship with the Queen of the Dancehall, Lady Saw.

This comes after Macka Diamond released a single titled Mi Bless, which many have dubbed as a Lady Saw diss.

In the song, Macka deejays:

After mi sing mi song say mi a 40-plus/ Mi see some gal pick it
up, she mussi Spartacus/ But lowe me and clean up yuh yard fuss/ A nuh
me yuh man breed so why a me yuh waan cuss/ Mi bless, yes mi womb bless/
A wha do some gal? Yuh nuh see dem clueless …

According to Macka Diamond, her fall out with Lady Saw happened after she released her song Forty and Fabulous.

“Mi do mi song and mi see one bag a tings a gwaan pon Twitter. Mi
do the song fi everybody who inna we age category and still a hold it
down, and when mi deh England people a call and tell me say she a tweet a
bag a tings. So I went on Twitter, and mi see she a say mi follow one
of her songs. I was upset. When me a try do good, is like dem waan draw
me down,” Macka Diamond said.

She went on to say that she has been ‘holding down’ a lot of
things that has happened for the sake of the friendship, but not

“Mi get book fi show already and when the promoter tell Lady Saw
say me deh pon the show, she tell the promoter say she nah work no show
whe me deh pon. Dem a gwaan like a dem alone want eat and run the
business. Everybody need to eat. Mi nah trouble nobody, but the truth is
the truth,” Macka Diamond told THE STAR.

Lady Saw, however, told THE STAR that she has never dissed Macka Diamond. According to her, she recorded a song titled Age is Just A Number in February, but the song was released after Macka Diamond’s Forty and Fabulous.

“I did that song in February and I did that song because they
were focusing so much on my age during an ER interview. Then mi hear say
Macka Diamond people dem a call the producer say she want the riddim
cuz she hear say mi diss her,” she said.

Lady Saw went on to say that after hearing this, she took to her Twitter page to clarify the song.

“I went on Twitter and said that the song has nothing to do with
anybody. Macka and I aren’t friends, we were friends before but things
happen and we aren’t friends again. I have no reason to diss her. I have
no time for people who are trying so desperately to get my attention,”
Lady Saw said.


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