Munga Answers ‘Bounty Dis Tweets’

The warlord Bounty Killer has once again stepped forward to defend
his legacy. The ‘Grung Gaad’ appears to be on the warpath after members
of his Alliance team were said to be disrespected by artiste Munga
Honorable in his latest song titled, Haffi Dead.

In his song,
Munga issues a challenge to the Alliance, Gaza and JOP that he is
willing and ready to contest them in a lyrical showdown. 

In his usual militant mood, Bounty Killer tweeted:

“Munga u are no more honorable! Ur ending is inevitable! From u
dissed Alliance, u dissed me as well so anything a anything. U who
ran from Debra Sprat 08 and flopped ur career …” 

Hours after, Munga took to Twitter and stated: “Bounty Killer u nor nuh man cyaan tek MUNGA HONORABLE HONOR. Hotfoot” 

When contacted, a source close to Munga told THE STAR that the song was not aimed at Bounty Killer. 

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“Munga never dis Bounty Killer, Killer just take up sumting whe
nuh really concern him. A Munga a pay him own rent and light bill, so we
nuh run dem disrespect joke deh,” the source said. 

He continued that Munga respects Bounty Killer but pointed out that Bounty Killer’s tweets were uncalled for. 

“As far as me know, Munga has a lot of respect for Killa, but
Munga is not a person whe nobody can disrespect. From a man tweet him,
him a go answer! Him a di Gangsta Ras.”

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