‘I am not having it’ – Markus Myrie denies having a relationship with D’Angel

Says pregnancy claims are false

D’Angel is caught in an interview on Hype TV as producer
Markus Myrie, the son of dancehall icon Buju Banton, looks on during her
birthnight party on the roof of Cookie’s nightclub, Port Henderson
Road, in Portmore on April 1.
– Anthony Minott

Dancehall producer and artiste Markus Myrie has denied
allegations that have been circulating on the Internet suggesting that
he has impregnated fellow dancehall artiste D’Angel. According to the
son of dancehall/reggae icon Buju Banton, mischievous persons are only seeking attention by starting rumours.

“Me and D’Angel have a musical relationship. These are all
rumours and allegations and I am not having it, and this pregnancy
rumour, we not having it. Me and Angel have been working together from
last year. People probably see me at An So Thursdays and make
assumptions,” he said.

The producer explained that the allegations spiralled from an
interview D’Angel had on a television show in which she appeared to have
gained a few pounds.

“She did an interview and people seh she looked fat, so they
started saying she was pregnant. But I really don’t know how my name
drop een,” he continued.

HASN’T affected me negatively

“This hasn’t really affected me negatively because
everybody around me knows that me and Angel only do music together. I am
not intimately involved with any female in the music industry,” Myrie

The Bad Mind Dem A Pree producer issued some strong words for the persons fuelling the allegations.

“People who pushing these things have nothing to do with their
time and they need to find something to do because the devil finds work
for idle hands. Why they don’t talk about mi number-one single with I
Octane and Bounty Killer? And the new ‘Dead End’ rhythm and Black Ryno
single Bere Gyal?” he said.

“I am just focusing on music right now. The ‘Street Bomb’ rhythm
is out now and I am giving thanks to everybody who is supporting it. But
rumours – wi not having it; bad mind people – wi not having it; red eye
people – wi not having it. Wi not having it,” Myrie said.

D’Angel also went ontwitter.com to dispel the allegations.

“Still single not ready to mingle. Noooooo, peeps! I’m not
pregnant!!!! That dress I wore on Fiwi Choice just made me look fat.
lol,” she tweeted.

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