Fantan Mojah booted off Sting line-up

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah has been kicked off the Sting line-up
for this year. Downsound Records (DSR) producer Skatta Burrell confirmed
to The WEEKEND STAR that an executive decision was made by CEO Jo
Bogdanovich to drop him from the line-up.

Rumours had been
circulating that Fantan Mojah had disrespected Bogdanovich at the Sting
launch on Wednesday night. Fantan has however, denied these allegations.

“I was invited to the Sting launch and just as I was about to
begin my songs I said “Big up Downsound Records and big up Joe
Bogdanovich, a unuh buss me to Jamaica and the world. A mi a di biggest
ting buss from Downsound Records from that time till dis time.” Mi never
even get fi finish mi speech, but mi never say nutten wrong,” he told The WEEKEND STAR.

On the other hand, Skatta stated that what Fantan Mojah said was
not only disrespectful to Bogdanovich but also to the other artistes who
are signed to the company.


“DSR invested in Fantan Mojah’s career. They took a
chance and made his career what it is today. Regardless of what
happened, DSR has never tried to stop Fantan Mojah from making a living
for himself. On numerous occasions he has been saying ill things about
the company and we have ignored it because we realise that he is a
mouthpiece and maybe he is emotionally hurt that he is no longer a part
of this company,” he stated.

Skatta also stated that DSR will not tolerate disrespect and that Fantan Mojah is a true example of being ungrateful and bitter.

“If Fantan Mojah was paid a deposit then he can keep it. We wish
him all the best but anything DSR is a part of, Fantan Mojah cannot be a
part of. Fans can check out DSR members Nature, Specialist and Ishawna
at Sting,” he said.

Fantan Mojah is however, undeterred by all the negativity.

“Dem never pay me no deposit. Dem never give me a cent, so if dem
take me off the show it nuh make no difference. Mi a go continue do
good songs. Mi nuh have nutten ‘gainst them. A dem buss me to the world
but a me buss dem to. A me buss dem mek Jamaica know say a company name
so. Nuff love to DSR, nuff love to Joe and nuff love to Skatta whe a
fight me round deh wid him negative self.”


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