7 killed for drug dealers’ stolen $8m

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Drug dealers have reportedly vowed to kill several people in
Mandeville, Manchester, unless more than $8 million stolen from a house
is returned.

In fact, the deaths of several men killed
in the parish since mid-September, are reported to be the works of the
drug dealers, intent on getting back their money.

The unfolding drama has left several residents in and on the
outskirts of the town in fear as they wonder when and where the
no-nonsense drug dealers will strike next.

Police have confirmed hearing about the incident and subsequent threats, but say they have no official word.

But residents told THE WEEKEND STAR that many men have
gone into hiding and some have even fled their communities, as the drug
dealers have shown how serious they are. The residents say the drama
began in early September when a known drug dealer went abroad and left
one of his ‘squaddies’ to watch his home.

They say the man reportedly stumbled upon the money, which he
reportedly discovered hidden in a sofa in the house. The money was
proceeds from a drug operation and was to be shared between the ex-cop
of his drug dealing partners. Upon finding the money, the man, it is
understood, summoned some of his friends from a nearby community and
they stole it.

Not long after returning, the drug dealer realised the money was
missing. When the ‘squaddy’ was asked about the money he reportedly told
his boss he had no idea money was in the house or where it went.

The man may have thought he got off free but subsequent
investigations by the drug dealers proved he was the one responsible for
the missing money. He was their first victim.

It is reported that while returning from a party he was pounced upon, and sprayed with bullets by gunmen.

A few days after, another man had his throat cut in another
community, and a little over a week later, another man was shot dead on
Ward Avenue.

The residents said two men who were shot dead following a dispute
at a bar on Caledonia Plaza on October 31, were also believed to have
been killed by the drug dealers, while another, who had been shot in his
mouth and was recuperating, was again attacked and shot dead on
November 8.

Following this, on November 18, residents said a man was
returning home when he was accosted by gunmen and shot dead. And just
last week, a man was killed by a gunman who exited a car and shot him
several times before escaping in the waiting vehicle.


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