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Dancehall artiste Lady G has suffered a musical setback
following the theft of three thumb drives containing unreleased tracks,
among other things, from her car last Friday.

The artiste told THE STAR that the stolen music will delay her plans to release a new album that was being worked on prior to the theft.

The artiste, whose birth name
is Janice Fyffe, explained that about 4:30 p.m. on the day, she parked
her vehicle in the Portmore Pines Plaza and went to make a quick
purchase at a store.

When she returned to the parking lot, she said she realised that a
part of a window had been smashed and her handbag containing her
valuables was missing.

important documents

“The likkle glass part dem lick out so that dem cudda
push dem hand in to take out my handbag … my important documents are
in there, my driver’s licence, my credit card, my bank cards and three
thumb drives with some of my music on them, that a the part that really
mash me up,” Lady G said.

She explained that she is peeved about the incident especially the theft of her music, because she is putting an album together.

The artiste told THE STAR that she may face difficulty in
acquiring copies of some of the tracks that were on the storage devices
because, “I have to wait on my producer to come back from overseas …
my riddim tracks that I perform on, some of them I don’t have on CDs but
only on the thumb drives.”

She is also disappointed that the incident was not caught on
surveillance camera as she claims that the cameras at the plaza do not
monitor the parking lot in its entirety but are only focused on specific
mainly in front of stores.

” Mi can’t understand how a plaza like that don’t have surveillance camera for the entire parking lot,” she said.

A report was made to the Portmore Police Station.


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