Adele wants to visit Jamaica … to see ‘Goldeneye’ home in Oracabessa

British songstress Adele has revealed that she is hoping to visit
Ian Fleming’s famously creative home, Goldeneye, near Oracabessa in

According to a report in the Travelmail Reporter,
Adele hinted her interest in wanting to visit the historic location
after confirming that she was indeed the voice behind the new theme song
for the latest Bond film, Skyfall.
When recording vocals
for the track, Adele, pregnant with her first child, discovered a love
of all things Bond, and has said she would love to visit the Jamaican
home of Ian Fleming, writer of the 007 books.

can’t get enough

A source told The Sun: “After working on the new
Bond theme for over a year, Adele can’t get enough of the series. She
came across Ian Fleming’s house when she was researching the spy series
and now has her heart set on going there. Whether it’ll be suitable for
her and a new baby, who knows, but she at least wants to visit.”

Bond was dreamed up by Fleming in February 1952, at the holiday villa near the town of Oracabessa in Jamaica.

All 14 Bond novels were written there and Fleming famously began his first 007 book, Casino Royale, with the line: ‘The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning’.

Fleming’s old estate is now owned by Jamaican hotel group Island
Outpost, which was founded by Chris Blackwell – the man who ‘discovered’
Bob Marley and helped spread his music across the globe.

Adele wrote the Skyfall track alongside Paul Epworth, who co-wrote and produced her massive hit Rolling In The Deep.

Skyfall sees Daniel Craig reprise his role as 007, with director Sam Mendes at the helm and Javier Bardem as the film’s villain.

The movie will have its world premiere in London on October 23, before it is released on October 26. 

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