West Kingston gangs mark turf

Battle lines have once again been drawn in sections of western
Kingston as warring fractions have apparently made their intentions
abundantly clear, turf expansion and a new ‘order’ are a priority.

Information reaching THE STAR is that the violence has led to the death of about three people, with several others currently nursing injuries.

A source from one of the communities which makes up the division told THE STAR, so bad is the tension, quite a few people have died and as a result widespread grievances now exist.

Our news team understands that at the head of the turmoil are two
known influential figures. Based on information gathered, indications
are that both are close associates of incarcerated gangster Christopher

A senior officer from the western Kingston division confirmed
yesterday that the police had knowledge of the bad vibes now brewing in
the division.

When quizzed on the number of reported deaths as a result of the
violence, the senior officer said, “There have been two reported deaths
and several others injured, but I can’t say definitely that it is linked
to the clashing of gangsters … We are still investigating”.

THE STAR understands that a tussle for turf and difference
in ideology of how things should ‘run’ are leading motives for the
growing tension.

A resident was quick to point out to our news team, “You nuh see
say dem drop curfew pan we down here … Something must a gwan why dat
happen … The tension weh exist ya now mi never see dat from me live
bout ya … Nuff people a fret cause a nuh everybody for it”.

THE STAR was, however, told by the senior officer that
they have increased their presence and have began collecting statements
from persons who have been cooperating with their investigations.


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