‘Straight Jeans And Fitted’ Banned From Schools…

Do children live what they learn?
Tight pants, short skirts and
bleaching are the reasons some of the nation’s children are being
barred from entering some schools across the island.
Singer and
prolific writer Tanya Stephens says school was meant for educating and
when adults hurriedly reject our children who are plagued with obvious
self-esteem issues, they are the ones who fail and not the children.
However, veteran entertainer Tony Rebel is of a
different view. Rebel believes that while the children needs to be
educated, the school’s rules and regulations should be upheld by parents
and students.
September 3, the beginning of a new school year saw several children
across the island banned from entering classes after they were cited as
being in breach of school conduct.  
Numerous members of the
entertainment fraternity including deejays, singers, dancers and
dancehall fanatics have openly endorsed certain fashions such as tight
pants for men and bleaching is a public phenomenon though not widely


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