Reports are that international pop star Rihanna has taken a devious swipe at her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown’s controversial neck tattoo by imitating his gold teeth grill.
It is said the singer was spotted leaving a restaurant in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday sporting sparkling metal in her mouth.  This comes just weeks after Chris was seen wearing a similar item.
It is reported that this reaction from Rihanna, appeared to be a
response to the controversy earlier this week when Brown showed off his
latest tattoo, which apparently depicts a woman’s battered face. 
Pictures of the tattoo is said to have quickly spread across the
internet where persons commented that the tattoo looked a lot like a
battered and bruised Rihanna.
According to reports, fans were shocked by the similarities between
the tattoo and pictures of the injuries Brown inflicted on his
ex-girlfriend back in 2009, when it was reported that he had beat her up
following a pre-Grammy Awards party.

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