Parenting Is A Monumental Task

Irina Mossi Love Detective

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Dear Editor,
The most important job in the world is being a parent. There are no
certificates given for it, no basic instruction booklet spanning a
child’s life. Many have written books of suggestions; but there is no
single book that gives all the answers. Dr Spock was a widely known
expert for giving advice to parents regarding handling babies and

He informed them about what to expect at various stages in
their child’s life. However, since his passing, he and his theories are
not as well known any more. Yet parenting is still the most important
task one could undertake. Its influence lives beyond the mortality of
the parent; and it’s their natural legacy, whether for good or for bad.

Psychologists tend to blame parents for most things that happen in a
child’s life, even when that child becomes an adult. An important
question often asked of a patient by a psychologist is: “Tell me about
your childhood,” with focus on the role of their parents. Whether rich
or poor; whether known to the child or unknown, every human being has
parents who have the potential to produce a world leader or a criminal,
and they have influence over both categories. The measure of a good
parent is always love. It’s like a spiritual umbilical chord that lives
beyond the grave.

The one book that over centuries has proved to be the most important
reference book for parents is the Bible. It contains many stories of
good and evil and the outcome of both. It gives us all a “Father who art
in heaven”
and his son, Jesus, whose mother was devoted to him, as many
mothers today strive to be dedicated to their children. One doesn’t
need a college education in order to be a good parent. 

All one needs is
love, and that has been given to each of us by our “Father who art in
heaven” on the day that we were born.

Moyah Gibson



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