New baby, tv show coming for Etana


Although getting ready to give birth, reggae singer Etana will not be kept out of the spotlight, as her new TV show will begin airing in October.

The singer and her husband Andrew Morris are expecting a child in November. This will be her second child.

But by the first week in October, the singer will grace local
television when she hosts a new series called ‘Against All Odds’ that
will be aired on CVM TV.

Etana explained that the 13-week series is about “people who have
been through a lot of struggles and making it out of the struggles.”
She said the show will have many tear-jerking stories, but will also
have stories that people can relate to.

tours and stage shows

When approached by CVM to do the show, Etana said she
did not hesitate. However, they had to schedule the recordings around
her tours and stage shows. In addition, she said there were some
difficulties in getting persons to tell their stories.

With just two or three more episodes left to record, Etana says
she believes the viewers will definitely learn a lot from the show.

“I think it is something for everyone to watch. This show will
help a lot of people to look at life totally different. It will change
their perspective completely, and let people see what they take for
granted,” Etana said.

She stressed that some persons have been abused or even orphaned, “yet we take clean running water for granted.”

Although she enjoys hosting and performing, Etana says both experiences are different.

“When I am onstage, I totally let go. There’s nothing to think
about. It’s just music, you just soak up the energy of the crowd. But
with hosting I have to be totally real. Sometimes you have to remember
the timing, you have to think a lot,” she said.

different responses

When the show is finally aired, Etana says she expects to hear different responses.

“I am expecting everything from appreciation to criticism, to
just people saying they love the show and more people coming to share
their stories,” she said, noting that a second season might be discussed
after the first season is aired.

Meanwhile, Etana says she is excited about giving birth and then releasing her album Better Tomorrow on February 12, 2013.

“I am just waiting to give birth, to enjoy being a mom for the second time,” she said.

In addition, she said she will be releasing three new singles on her Better Tomorrow EP on iTunes. The songs are Reggae, Better Tomorrow and Foreplay To Love 

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