Lisa Hyper says Tifa is a troublemaker

Irina Mossi Love Detective

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Dancehall artiste and former Portmore Empire member Lisa Hyper says
fellow dancehall artiste Tifa is a troublemaker under pretence.

According to Lisa Hyper, she and Tifa have been at odds since 2009 because the Spell It Out deejay hurled lyrical shots at her during her struggles.

Lisa Hyper was recently criticised for sending out a BlackBerry
broadcast message in which she insulted Tifa, drawing attention to her
physical challenges. While confirming to The STAR that she did send out the broadcast, Lisa Hyper says Tifa uses her disability to create mischief.

“Mi and Tifa have disagreement from 2009, so the broadcast
message was just a cool reminder for her to cool herself and realise who
is the boss. I went after her because I had a reason, I don’t trouble
people who don’t trouble me and if somebody dis mi I am gonna dis dem
back,” she warned.

“Because Tifa know sey she special and people a guh defend her
she always make trouble and get away with it … she use disability to
her advantage. Lisa Hyper love everybody, but people must not use
certain circumstances to their advantage to dis others,” Lisa Hyper

“She (Tifa) even dis the queen of dancehall and I found that
disrespectful. Tifa can’t perform as good as Lady Saw, suh how she fi
try get the crown and she nuh reach da level deh. But true she special
she dis Lady Saw and nobody nuh sey nothing. Bet sey if a did mi dis
Lady Saw everybody woulda have something fi sey, suh it look like sey mi
haffi guh mek scorpion sting mi to,” Lisa Hyper said.

When contacted, Tifa wanted no part in the argument.

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“I don’t have no time to comment on waste matter,” Tifa said.

In the meantime, Lisa Hyper is promoting her latest collaboration with international reggae artiste Laza Morgan called Gangster Loving. A five-minute movie was shot for the single and according to Lisa Hyper, fans are going to love the end product.

Lisa Hyper recently signed a record deal with United States record label Platinum Camp and is also gearing up to release a new mix tape called Split Personality.

The controversial entertainer also has a new album soon to be released called The Rebirth. The album will feature Laza Morgan, Lady Saw, Spragga Benz and Beenie Man.

“I just want to say thanks to my fans for supporting me over the
years, even through the rough times. I am strong and my fans are strong,
and I hope one day I can buy all of you a car like Oprah,” she laughed.


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