ARTISTES ‘DISLIKE’ FAKE FACEBOOK PAGES Mavado, Tommy Lee distance themselves from bogus accounts

Mavado, Tommy Lee – Contributed

Tommy Lee and Mavado’s camps have distanced themselves from fake Facebook accounts that have been created on their behalves.

Both camps have denounced the pages after a Facebook
page called ‘Mavado The Real David Brooks’ posted an update stating that
Mavado collaborated with Tommy Lee, Notnice, So Unique Records, Popcaan
and Snoop Lion on a new single.

Several websites quickly began to spread the rumour. However,
upon contacting Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones Griffiths, he said the
Facebook page under Mavado’s name was fraud.

“No that Facebook page is not real. The official fan page has
820,000 likes. Anybody who has the time and inclination to really sit
down and make a false Facebook page, or any other social media account,
really has too much time on their hands How Mavado fi do recordings
with Notnice? Isn’t Notnice a dancer?” Griffiths continued.

sad and lonely person

“It must be a sad and lonely person who does things like
that, they really do need a woman in their life and probably a job and a
social life,” he said.

Griffiths agreed that Mavado recorded a song with Snoop Lion,
however, he says Popcaan was added to the song without Mavado’s

“Mavado did a song with Snoop Lion for Snoop’s upcoming reggae
album. It was supposed to feature another iconic dancehall act but he
didn’t do it. So Snoop ended up using a Popcaan verse he already had.
Mavado felt hijacked by that as we agreed who the featured act was going
to be. But Snoop was on a Rasta unity tip and called Mavado, and
explained he wanted Mavado to give his blessing to having Popcaan appear
on the record. Mavado is not one to fight youths or young artistes, so
he told Snoop to go ahead,” he said.

He said fans of Mavado can connect with the artiste through his original Facebook page at

Likewise, dancehall act Tommy Lee also denounced the Facebook
page created on his behalf. According to Tommy Lee he too has problems
with fake social network account.

“The ‘Original Tommy Lee Facebook page’ is not me. My real page is,
the rest of them is not me. Some bwoy a frame mi, all a beg people
credit and tek people money fi dub, and a tell di gyal dem one bag a
freaky ting. Mi want di people dem know sey mi nuh have nothing fi duh
wid dat,” Tommy Lee said.

“Mi a beg unno please don’t tek nuh money from people and nuh beg
nothing under Tommy Lee name nor sey nuh freaky things to the girls
because mi nuh freaky. Leggo dem loose thing deh if yuh have respect fi
mi yu wouldn’t duh dat. It betta yu link up and duh some work wid mi
because unno have nuff people pan unno page wey sey Tommy Lee same way,”
he said.

Meanwhile, So Unique Records producer Elvis Redwood refuted the Facebook post distancing himself from the Gully camp.

“So Unique Records has no part in that. Gully a Gully and Gaza a Gaza, no combination nor affiliation,” he said.

Tommy Lee also downplayed the Popcaan, Mavado collaboration.

“No nothing nuh guh suh from yu nuh see it inna di newspaper it
nuh real. Mi nuh inna nuh problem wid nuh artiste dun know a Gaza mi seh
and if Mavado and Kartel good, mi wouldn’t have nuh problem a record
wid him. But nothing nuh guh suh, a hear mi hear bout it to,” Tommy Lee

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