Ajrenalin disses Masicka, Navino, Chedda, Jahmiel.

“mi flow dem hard like syllabus__ mi
vocal chord dem vigorous__ it rigorous__  but yet still artiste like
Potential still a buss___  artiste fi hear mi song and fret till di song
done__ mi gyal say kill Jahmiel and Navino and done__ she want me song
buss like Chino condom……
Mi nuh see nuh man at all ah answer___ dem caution like amber__ mi have lyrics like book a Sangster…
But anyway mi nuh see nuh artiste weh
fi test mi or duo, Chedda when mi seh duo that include yuh__ mi style
dem boss like hugo cause mi practice like a judo”

“Some deejay nah go get di frame much
less fi get the picture___ mi hear a likkle just come artiste ah say him
ah the baddest__ hol on deh mek mi assess it__ him funnier than
Cedric___ inexperience and pathetic put dung music try athletics___
cause dis business nah nuh ethics mi ah di freshest call mi lettuce ___
tell dem fi answer back di baddest deejay pon di block and when mi say
gyal inna mi room mi nah talk bout nuh almanac”.

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