Impressions: A St. Mary Mi Come From, Capleton’s Gift to Jamaica

Originally Capleton’s annual A St. Mary Mi Come From concert was
scheduled for August 5, the eve before Jamaica’s 50th Independence Day.
But that was before Hurricane Allen decided to pass by, and drop wind
and water en masse (not to mention rolling power outages) on
the entire island. Rumors of an October rain date circulated for a
while, but fortunately the 18 of August was chosen instead. Where the
original date was a wash-out, this date was definitely tun-up! LargeUp
made the journey again and arrived just in time to see Dr. Julius
Garvey, son of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, who was in the
country in celebration of the 125th Birthday of his father. Standing on
stage with the Fireman himself, he said: “Big Up to all Rastaman, dem
keep the memory of Marcus Garvey alive — Nuff Respect!”

A St. Mary Mi Come From has a more humble set-up technically than
many other shows, no frills here: All proceeds from the show are donated
to charities benefiting children in St.Mary and around the island, a
testimony to the true Rastafari principles of Capleton. This year’s
edition was full of surprises with a feelgood flavor not least because
another son of St.Mary, Ninjaman, passed through to show how great
dancehall still can be. Like any real stage show, it “went from the
night straight back til a mawnin.” More artists than can be mentioned
here were in attendance, young and old, and the general performance
level was very high. When was the last time Ninjaman clash Cocoa Tea??!
Sizzla and Judgement Yard passed through in a big way, reeling off tune after tune for a mesmerized crowd…

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