Fans attack Asafa on Facebook Athlete says he has no control over destiny

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Former 100m record holder Asafa Powell, who has ended his track season early due to an aggravated groin injury received during the 100m finals at the Olympics in London, has been receiving tongue lashings from a number of persons on the social media site Facebook

Powell pulled up during the race and eventually ended in last place with a time of 11.99 seconds. His fellow countrymen Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake won gold and silver medals, respectively.

But despite Bolt and Blake’s medals, some Jamaicans on Facebook
yesterday blasted Powell for what they described as his poor
performance, and for the explanation he gave following the race.

Asafa syndrome

One comment on the popular site read, “Nothing is wrong
with people being themselves but to create constant excuses is not a
good thing for anyone. I think in Jamaica we have something called the
Asafa syndrome, this is when someone gives a lot of excuses for failing
instead of just accepting that you have failed.”

Another comment read, “Mi boss need fi find Asafa cause Asafa can act.”

In a response to the message, the injured Powell yesterday also
took to his Facebook fan page to address persons who have been
disrespectful to him.

He wrote, “I ask one thing of all the persons who are making
negative remarks about me. I can understand that and appreciate the fact
that you expected me to medal, however, I have zero control over

He went on to further state that; “I do ask one thing though,
please do not come on my page and disrespect my loyal and genuine fans
who support my cause and justify my existence. Enjoy the rest of your
day. One love 4 life!”

Following the injury, Powell did an ultrasound and an MRI.
According to his agent, Paul Doyle; “the ultrasound has shown that there
are new damages to the adductor muscles and also some scar tissues
damaged from an old injury in another area.”

Powell was also set to perform in the 4×100 relay this weekend.


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