TOMMY LEE salute Olympians with songs

As it was four years ago for the Beijing Olympics, several artistes have penned songs to salute the athletes who are currently competing at the London Olympics.

While the songs are not completely new, artistes like Tommy
Lee, Melloquence, Cherine Anderson and Masicka have done tributes for
the Olympians.

Tommy Lee redid his song Psycho in which he said, “Yohan
Blake Crazy, Asafa insane/ Some bwoy betta straighten demself when dem
come pon di lane/ We will tek off like plane/ Mek yuh look like slow car
pon di main/ Wi speed faster than bike and train/ Fi wi runner dem nuh
easy fi tame/ Bolt tek off so yuh know dat a fuss.”

In the song, he also made reference to other athletes like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Sherone Simpson, Michael Frater, Warren Weir and Veronica Campbell-Brown.

Tommy Lee said he decided to do the remake for the athletes because they have been doing a lot for the country.

“Mi love and respect the runner dem. Mi like weh dem a do fi
Jamaica. Mi feel proud! Dem inspire mi same way, so mi just inspire dem
back,” he told THE STAR.

Olympic version

Upcoming artiste Melloquence also did his bit by remaking his song Stars R Us just for the athletes. The original for the song was released about a month ago, but he did the Olympic version on Friday and released it by Saturday.

“Initially, when I did the original song I had it in mind for the Olympics thing too. But after seeing the support the Jamaicans were giving the athletes I had to go into the studio for that,” he told THE STAR.

Cherine – Contributed

So far, he says the response has been overwhelming and the song got several ‘pull ups’ when it was played on ZIP FM following Usain Bolt’s win in the men’s 100 metres on Sunday. “The Internet tek on to it like crazy,” Melloquence added.

Cherine Anderson’s tribute, Jamaica Tun Up, is a remake of her song Eagles And Doves and that has also been getting good feedback online.

In her song, she sings: “Fly like eagle, soar like dove/ Jamaica
come fi mash it up/ 9.58 glory set the world on fire breaking world
records, sweet victory/ We are champions, we ready for the fight/ We
live for this moment/ Dem can’t hold JA down/ Jamaica gonna win this

Masicka’s tribute to the athletes is a version of his song Go Hard And Done. The song was also the soundtrack for a YouTube video, ‘Chill Spot Team Jamaica‘, that was done by Jamaican 200-metre runner Warren Weir, who will participate in the event at the Olympics today.

In that song, Masicka said, “a nuh overnight success mek wi di
fastest nation/ Jamaica go hard and done/ All wi rivals go fi yuh team
and come/ The Lord is our shepherd wi nah back down/ When wi touch pon
di track wi lef dem a back.”

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