Vybz Kartel Song Banned

Rumours have been circulating about the ban of a recent Vybz Kartel song that features female artiste Gaza Slim.
song done by the incarcerated entertainer turned author and his
protégé, speaks about the scamming practice that in recent days has been
highly publicised through investigations and arrests that have flooded
the media.

In the song, Reparation, the two suggest that the practice
is not wrong as long as the benefits are not used to fuel violence.
They call the practice ‘reparation’, which is the making of amends for
wrong or injury done. 

Apparently the wrongs that have been caused to the ghetto youths they sing about. 

In the song’s chorus Gaza Slim sings, “As long as dem nah buy nuh gun, nah support nuh war/ Big up the man dem star from near and far/ Dem call it scam, mi call it reparation / Every ghetto yute is a star, suh dem waan live like one.”

Vybz Kartel goes on to deejay in the verses, lines such as, “Big up every scammer, weh mek US dollar/ Build up the house fi yuh mama/ Western Union people fi gi wi more honour“, “Who seh di scammer dem wrong?/ No/ Hungry, poverty, that more wronger/ Better dem dweet than tek up the bomber/ Memba the youth dem nah squeeze trigger/ A just true dem a nigger” and “Mi just warn the youth dem, nuh rob Jamaica/ Doan buy gun fi kill man/ Foreign exchange is good fi the country/ Franklin USA, Sterling England.” 

When Sources contacted Gaza Slim, she expressed
her “right” as a musician to be able to do songs about any topic and
that there are other issues more important than scamming that needs to
be addressed.

“Jamaica have more problem right now dan lotto scamming that the
Government need to sort out. I do music not scamming, and I think that I
have the right to do songs about any topic. I am just biggin up the
youths who are hustling to make money widout shooting and killing
anyone. Them jus ban the song because they can, don’t? As weh Worl Boss
(Vybz Kartel) say inna di book, a society shouldn’t prohibit the
expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself
offensive or disagreeable,” said Gaza Slim.

On one YouTube channel that uploaded a makeshift video of the
song on July 24, it has received over 14,500 views. Through this among
other avenues, dancehall fans have been weighing in on the issue. 

“Mi understand why dem ban it because when Kartel seh something
the yutes dem aguh do it and scamming nuh right but the tune hard same
way,” read one comment.

Another read, “While I completely disagree with scamming I don’t
think the song should be banned. Scamming was going on long before this
song and it will be there after. If they allow gun songs to be played
then why not this? This is a great opportunity for the Gov again to use
Kartel as a scapegoat and avoid doing their jobs by shifting the blame
and focus on Kartel. He is an artiste and should only be seen as such.”

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