I-Wayne – Urges artistes to clean up their act

Reggae entertainer I-Wayne is pleased with his most recent album
release, Life Teachings, but that’s about it. There are several things
that he is not quite pleased about.

The big picture, he said, is the “filthy system” that members of the entertainment industry have been endorsing.

“The system just promoting pure negativity. Memba di music is
life because a that it reflect, and wah them a promote now nah help wah
gwaan inna di society. Once di meditation nuh right ,di people nah go
right. As soon as dis filthy system end, all this crap will stop,”
I-Wayne told The STAR.

The system’s greatest problem I-Wayne hinted at was the ‘pay to
play’ culture which he said several entertainment personalities have

pure filth

“Di ones dem just decide seh a freak dem a promote! Mi
realise seh dem jus a fight what is good and a promote pure filth.
Probably me nuh have enough money as the filthy one dem, that’s why mi a
get the fight,” he continued.

I-Wayne also questioned, “How so much artiste just a lose dem talent suh?”

This apparent talent loss, he said, removes several high-quality entertainers from the public’s eyes.

But according to I-Wayne, “only time will tell.”

“That a one a di main reason why dem nuh see I-Wayne. Dem just
promoting filth an a try stifle di goodness. Yuh have some hungry-belly
people inna Jamaica who will tek yuh things, but overseas people who
have dem money will run dem weh and seh ‘Yuh caan buy mi out. But mi deh
yah same way. Mi nuh run out, mi nuh gone nuh weh,” he said.

The Can’t Satisfy Her singer told The STARthat he had been on recent tours with Chuck Fenda and Fantan Mojah.

“Mi still on di road an mi still a do mi ting,” he said.

I-Wayne also said that he had been and would continue to “run
out” on stage shows, delivering his work to the masses, as this is the
only apparent way he can truly reach fans.

“Mi still a give out CDs when mi guh stage shows. Before di media
know mi, a dat mi use to do, but now di man dem just decide seh a filth
dem a give the nation,” he said.

He told The STAR that at present, he has numerous recordings as he records at least one song a day.

I-Wayne also leaves a stern challenge as it relates to persons in
the music industry: “If dem fair … tell dem fi play di righteous,
good music as much as dem a play di filth and see if di good nuh
overthrow wah dem a play now. Dem up to dem neck in filth and it soon
reach dem mouth. Every day dem get up an a sing ’bout car rims and
tyre,” he said.


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