Roach disses Aidonia …Vows to ‘Kill Lord Evil’ with new song

Dancehall producer Patrick ‘Roach’ Samuels has fired lyrical
shots at Aidonia in an exclusive dis song called Kill Lord Evil.
According to Roach, he decided to record the song to show Aidonia that
he is not untouchable.

“I decided to do this song
because I listen to Aidonia on the TNS rhythm, and him a dis me under
style … mi hear him a talk bout a step him step pon insect, but mi nuh
hide and throw wud suh mi dis him straight and call him name,” Roach

Roach and Aidonia have been at odds since former J.O.P member
Navino signed a recording contract with JA Productions of which Roach is
an active member. However, Roach said that he would not succumb to no
form of disrespect without a retaliation. 

“Him is a youth wey feel like him can dis up producers, him dis
Skatta but mi a nuh one producer wey him can dis inna song an feel like
mi naah defend myself, mi haffi mek di people dem know my side of the
story plus mi song deh pon key to. And if him ever think him bad and
respond him mek a sad mistake because mi have more bombs fi him ready,”

Roach said. 

Roach further disclosed that he doesn’t intend to pursue a
career deejaying professionally; instead his intention is to show
Aidonia that he (Aidonia) was lyrically soft.

“Mi have nuff things a deal wid suh mi not even have time fi
Aidonia, but a just fi show him sey him nuh bad him soft because wi have
some likkle youth wey wi chop him up lyrically,”
he said. 

According to Roach, even former J.O.P member, Navino, is carving
out his own status as an artiste and is now in a better stage with his musical career. 

Roach is currently promoting new singles for Navino such as Nuh Fraid A No Man and Who God Bless which is a song explaining his reason for leaving J.O.P.

All attempts to speak to Aidonia were futile. 

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